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Security Notice

Dear Member of Access Credit Union,

Access Credit Union holds your security in the highest regard. We want to remind you to always be vigilant about providing personal information to third parties online. Access Credit Union will never request sensitive information like credit card numbers, account information, personal information, social security number, member number, or password from you through any webpage, via a text message, or by email. It also our policy to verify the identity of every member who chooses to transact with us in person or over the phone. We safeguard your personal information carefully.

Here are a few ways to protect your identity online:

  • Look for your "personal header" on all emails. Cyber-criminals send forged emails that try to look like they came from a legitimate financial institution. You can determine if an email is authentic by making sure the return address contains access-cu.com. If the "From:" line of the email looks like "access-security@abc.com" or "access-fraud@xyz.com" or contains the name of an institution or organization other than Access Credit Union, you can be sure it's a fraudulent email. Be suspicious of emails claiming to be from Access Credit Union but actually received from senders at non access-cu.com domains.
  • Never type account/credit card information into a pop-up window, even if it looks legitimate. We never request sesnitive personal or account information through pop-up windows, text messages, or emails
  • Don't respond to emails, pop-up messages or text messages webpages asking you to verify information or click on the links or otherwise reply to them. If we do request you to update your information, you may be directed to our Internet Banking website or you may be asked to call Access Credit Union. We will never request information like account, credit card, social security numbers, birth date, or current address. You may access Internet Banking by typing https://homebanking.access-cu.com in your web browser or clicking on the Home Banking tab at www.access-cu.com. You may contact Access Credit Union by calling (708) 343-0228 or (800) 550-9022 if you are outside the Chicago metro area.
  • Be suspicious of grammatical or spelling errors. These are usually indications of a fraudulent message.
If you receive a suspicious-looking email, text message or navigate to a suspicious webpage claiming to be from Access Credit Union, please forward it with its full headers to info@access-cu.com. What should you do if you get a suspicious email, text mesage, or navigate to a suspicious webapge in general? DO NOT GIVE ANY PERSONAL FINANCIAL INFORMATION OUT and in the case of the email do not open any attachments. If you you did provide personal information:
  • Call (877) 438-4338
  • Or visit www.consumer.gov/idtheft
If you did get a phishing email and you did not provide personal information:
  • Call (800) 876-7060
  • Or visit www.fraud.org

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